Mantech Geometrics is the official UK agent of Etalon AG.

Etalon supplies system solutions for production metrology. Their key competences lie in the calibration, monitoring and accuracy enhancement of measuring machines and machine tools.

Multiline Laser-Tracer

With the new Absolute Mulitiline System, a Global metrology system for the entire factory is possible.

  • Absolute Multiline®-System
  • Absolute interferometer
  • Central unit with up to over 100 independent channels (and extendable)
  • Measurement uncertainty (95%) : 0.5 μm/m
  • Measurement length up to 20 m
  • Simple and robust measurement channel consisting only of telecom fiber, collimator and triple reflector (no electrical systems at detector)
  • Almost unlimited fiber length possible (several kilometers)
  • Eye save infrared radiation
  • Metrological traceability by gas absorption cell


The LaserTRACER-NG (New Generation) was developed for calibration, monitoring and accuracy enhancement of measuring machines and machine tools. It is a self-tracking laser interferometer that automatically tracks a reflector mounted in the spindle or quill of the machine. This can then determine the geometric deviations of the machine with the highest precision.

Unrivalled accuracy

In contrast to conventional measurement devices, the LaserTracer features unprecedented accuracy from a patented measurement technique, involving its centre of rotation. A sphere with a form deviation of just 50 nanometers is used as an optical reference for the interferometer. As a consequence, the mechanical errors of the rotation and swivel axes are fully compensated.

The measurement process: fast and effective

For the measurement procedure, the LaserTracer is positioned at several different locations inside the working volume of the machine. The reflector is mounted in the spindle or quill, equivalent to the position of the tool or probe. Within the automated measuring process the LaserTracer then tracks the actual path of the machine in its entire working volume. Meanwhile, the system acquires highly precise measurement values that are processed by our software packages TRAC-CAL and TRAC-CHECK for calculating and analysing the machine errors with sub-micron accuracy.

Interferometer with 0.001 μm resolution (see figure below)

  1. Patented reference sphere
  2. With form deviation < 0.050 μm on a solid stem
  3. Environmental compensation for temperature, pressure, humidity

Length measurement uncertainty: U95%= 0.2 μm + 0.3 μm/m

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