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All of FIXTURE TECH's fixtures are based on the modular CARFIT parts system: these components, developed in-house, work according to the modular principle and are used to create measuring fixtures, holding and testing fixtures. The classic fixture portfolio is supplemented by augmented reality applications and automation solutions for logistics and transportation. The option of reusing fixtures (retooling) and alternative materials such as carbon take into account the desire to conserve resources and help to plan sustainably and cost-effectively.



The CARFIT system is a modular fixture system for the design and manufacture of measuring devices and test gauges for quality assurance, primarily in the automotive and aviation industries.



The intelligent eMOBEE robot transports components efficiently from A to B and provides intelligent support for loading processes in any industrial environment.


Master buck

The fixture system for checking and analyzing the accuracy of fit of all parts of the body-in-white (BIW). The Meisterbock represents the exact body construction process set to the target values. Tolerances, construction and design issues can be compared with components, data and reports on the Meisterbock.


Grid plates

FIXTURE TECH offers perforated grid panels in variable dimensions with selectable grid patterns. The sandwich panels in patented honeycomb construction are particularly lightweight and rigid.


Charging systems

Loading systems from FIXTURE TECH help to improve the throughput, reliability and ergonomics of any industrial loading process. The systems are characterized by their modular design - components can be individually selected to optimize machine loading.


DIY kits

With CARFIT DIY components, you can easily build a wide variety of devices yourself. The modular, compatible and flexible design enables a wide range of set-ups and therefore saves costs and resources.


SUPAR TM Augmented Reality

An inspection tool with augmented reality: With the help of augmented reality, 3D data of the parts is displayed on the actual component. This enables immediate quality control of the component.


Carbon profiles

"We take responsibility for the people behind the technology": Improving working conditions in industrial measurement technology with a focus on robustness, ergonomics, functionality and weight by replacing heavy material parts with lightweight carbon profiles.



A very precise model made of milled aluminum enables the analysis of series parts and comparison with a reference system.



Increased value through the long-term use of high-quality material: the durable aluminum components from CARFIT or components from other manufacturers are dismantled into their individual parts and used for the construction and assembly of new devices. This gives the customer a significant price advantage while at the same time conserving valuable resources. Minor visual defects are no longer a reduction in value, but a sign of appreciation of the material used.



FIXTURE TECH has more than 50 years of practical and manufacturer-independent expertise in the fields of measurement and fixture construction. We are perfectly positioned to meet the challenges of the metrology and industrial sectors. Thanks to our wide-ranging expertise and our global network, we can always offer you the right solution for your project.

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