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Aberlink CMMs

Aberlink recently launched two new advanced, high performance, high accuracy coordinate measuring machines – introducing the Extol and Horizon.

With the rise of fully integrated and automated manufacturing processes the demand for compact shop floor in-process quality control, with closed loop feedback, has never been greater.

True to Aberlink’s heritage for innovation, the Extol is the world’s first CMM to utilise a delta mechanism. Designed for robustness and reliability, the Extol CMM will run around the clock making it ideal whether it is positioned next to a machine tool, in a manufacturing cell, or used in a dedicated inspection area.

The Automatic tool offset correction available within the Aberlink 3D software compliments the attributes of the Extol perfectly, enabling its utilisation as part of a fully automated production process in the most demanding manufacturing environment. With a larger measuring volume and smaller overall footprint than its predecessor, the Xtreme, the Extol CNC CMM can be positioned exactly where the measurement is needed.

Horizon, a new range of CNC bridge-type CMM, utilises linear motors and breaks new ground in CMM design. With an 800mm travel in the X axis, the Horizon completes Aberlink’s range of bridge CMMs.

The frictionless linear drives are the key to its fast, exceptionally smooth, and silent motion. With no wearing parts they offer the perfect solution for CMM drives, not only improving reliability and reducing maintenance, but are ideal for fast contact scanning.

The Horizon is the most accurate machine ever produced by Aberlink. When fitted with the Renishaw SP25M scanning probe, the first-term accuracy statement is just 1.75µm

Both CMMs are available now from Mantech Geometrics, contact us for more information or to arrange a demo.

Aberlink Xtreme 500 CMM

Mantech helps Rowan Precision increase capability

Mantech Geometrics has helped Rowan Precision increase their capability with an Aberlink machine that has enabled them to carry out critical work for the medical sector, showcasing MIM members connecting the industry. 

Warwickshire based company Mantech Geometrics provides measuring solutions for manufacturers. This includes coordinate measuring machines (CMMs) at a competitive price by the brand Aberlink. Mantech is known for their helpful service and expert knowledge on CMMs, self-tracking laser interferometer services for error mapping of machine tools, CMMs, multi-sensor and X-Ray/CT measurement systems.

Rowan Precision Ltd has been manufacturing high-quality precision machined components and turned parts for over 30 years. During this time they have built a strong reputation for quality and service supplying national and international customers in diverse industries including Aerospace, Medical, Safety, Defence, Lighting, Automotive, Electronics, and Telecommunications.

The manufacturing firm purchased an Aberlink Xtreme 500 measuring machine from Mantech back in 2018 and has enabled them to carry out ventilator work for the COVID-19 relief efforts. Aberlink’s CMMs and innovative metrology products are renowned throughout the world for being easy to use, great value for money and providing customers with measuring solutions they can trust.

Mantech is the official distributor of Aberlink products in the West Midlands and supplied numerous machines to other Made in the Midlands members such as Currie & Warner and Parker Precision. Talking about the firm’s service, Matt Lowe, Technical Director at Rowan Precision said: 

“After looking around for a new measuring machine, we couldn’t ignore the value for money we would receive with Mantech Geometrics. We now have a fully automated and programmable CNC operation, which we didn’t have before and has since improved our capabilities and productivity. 

We received impeccable service from the firm, including all of the offsite training we have received and after-sales care. The machine has especially helped us during these difficult times as we wouldn’t have been able to produce components for ventilators without it.” 

Mantech receive order from Nuclear AMRC

Nuclear AMRC in Sheffield have ordered the UK’s first installation of the Etalon Absolute Multiline system. The equipment will be used to continuously monitor their Hexagon large gantry CMM and five machine tools within the plant.

Aberlink appoint Mantech Geometrics

Aberlink Innovative Metrology has appointed Mantech Geometrics Ltd as the company’s UK representative for the Midlands and Eastern Counties. Currently supplying industry with a wide range of world class measuring solutions, including multi-sensor measuring machines and X-Ray Tomography systems, it is felt that the Aberlink range will represent a perfect fit with Mantech’s existing products.

Aberlink Sales Director Gavin Bailey explained. “As the largest UK owned manufacturer of Coordinate Measuring Machines, vision systems and 3D measurement software, our metrology products are renowned throughout the world for being easy to use, excellent value for money and above all for providing our customers with measuring solutions that they can trust”.

In addition to providing high quality products, Aberlink take pride in the exceptional standard of the services that we deliver to our customers. The appointment of Mantech Geometrics will further expand our sales opportunities and help to ensure that Aberlink users in the Midlands and Eastern Counties will continue to receive outstanding levels of technical support.

Mantech Geometrics Director, Ian Vaughan enthused. “We are delighted to have been appointed as a representative, Aberlink products are famous for their accuracy, ease of use, value for money and low cost of ownership. We look forward to supplying the company’s high quality systems to our customers and continuing to provide the exceptional levels of service Aberlink is renowned for”.

Machine Tool Volumetric Compensation

Mantech Geometrics Ltd, now offers Mobile Measuring Technology for the calibration measurement and volumetric compensation of deviations on machine tools and CMMs.

For more information on this service, click here.