Aberlink Case Studies

Currie and Warner’s Xtreme Measurement Advantage

“With our older manual CMM, checking multiple parts could involve skilled staff sitting in front of the machine for up to an hour and a half at a time, but due to the Xtreme’s high-performance CNC capabilities, coupled with a pre-programmed inspection routine, the CMM will check these same parts and features in less than 10 minutes.”

Morgan Advanced Materials take ‘Xtreme’ measures

“After visiting the recent MACH exhibition with the intention of finding a suitable CMM for use on our shop-floor, following demonstrations of several different machines, I was happy to discover that Aberlink staff were giving a MACH debut to the company’s new Xtreme 500 CNC CMM and also demonstrating the smaller capacity Xtreme 350 CNC CMM. Having seen the smaller CMM put through its paces, examined its specification and compared it to the alternatives, I was convinced it was the correct machine for our specific needs and I was happy to place an order with Aberlink’s midlands agent Mantech Geometrics.”

Aberlink ‘Coordinating’ Cogsdill’s Speed and Precision

“After purchasing the Zenith 3 CMM through Aberlink’s agent in the midlands, Mantech Geometrics, the machine was soon installed and fully operational. The ease of use of the Zenith 3 CMM and Aberlink’s software enabled our operators to quickly master the machine’s controls. In addition to substantially improving our inspection throughput speed, our new CMM has further enhanced our inspection precision capabilities.”

Aberlink CMM Aids Precision at University of Wolverhampton

Having invested in a wide range of design and manufacturing equipment, adhering to the maxim, it’s not made until it’s measured, Mark Stanford, Professor in Advanced Manufacturing Technology at the University of Wolverhampton’s Telford Innovation Campus, recently searched for a Coordinate Measuring Machine (CMM) that would enable students to make precise in-process checks of their work and also accurately inspect the results of their practical manufacturing projects.

“In addition to its speed and accuracy, the fact that the Aberlink Axiom too CMM is used throughout industry and its operation is extremely intuitive, were major factors in our CMM choice.”

Werth Case Studies

Into the Future in Three Dimensions

HARTING in Espelkamp, a manufacturer of high quality connectors for energy, signal, and data transmission for machine connections, network components, and systems cables, uses the TomoScope HV 500 from Werth Messtechnik, Giessen. It helps them ensure the quality of their products by performing geometric measurements and material analysis.

Measuring at the Limit

Production of micro tools requires special measurement technology. Where the eye can no longer detect geometric errors, high-end measuring machines are needed for both visual inspection and fully automated production monitoring.

In the world of tools, the name Zecha stands for precise cutting, punching, and forming tools, with diameters down to a few hundredths of a millimeter. Its partner for quality assurance is Werth Messtechnik.

Micrometer – Precision all the Way

In order to be able to produce a diamond-coated micro-mill with a diameter of 0.1 mm in a reliable process, you need experienced employees, precision grinding machines – and special measurement technology. At Karnasch Professional Tools, CNC machines such as the Nano Matic from Werth Messtechnik are indispensable if you want to maintain shape tolerances in the micrometer range for series production.

Tropel Case Studies

Inspection System Minimizes Scrap and Increases Yield

Sauer-Danfoss’ H1 axial piston pumps are designed with many intricate components that must be manufactured with tight tolerances for both dimension and flatness. Valve swashplates, mounting shoes and cradles, piston slippers, among others are manufactured to tolerances as tight as 2 microns.

The Tropel FlatMaster is a non-contact optical-based measurement system. It has the ability to measure the entire profile of precision component surfaces up to 200 mm, capturing hundreds of thousands of data points in seconds. The system offers up to 5 nm resolution and a standard accuracy of 50 nm, measuring flatness, line profile, surface profile, spherical radius and other surface parameters. This case study shows how it benefitted Sauer-Danfoss in this instance.

Rotational Stitching Tech Notes

There exist seal rings with diameters in the hundreds of milimters and a flatness tolerance anywhere from submicron to tens of micron ranges. The need for quality is obvious, but how is it ensured? There was no way to quickly and accurately assess the flatness of unusually large diameter parts – until now. This case study looks into how a FlatMaster 200 can offer a solution…

Superiority of the Tropel FlatMaster System

Mantech Geometrics Ltd represent Tropel in the UK. These tech notes from Corning Tropel demonstrate the superiority of the Tropel FlatMaster System in flatness measurements.