Werth Multi Sensor CMMs and Computed TomographyWerth Messtechnik celebrated the 50th anniversary of its founding in 2001. Innovations characterized by quality and precision form the foundation of this company’s successful development.

Following its introduction in 1955, the first desk design profile projector set ergonomic standards. During the late 1960’s digitization provided measuring projectors with the functionality of a coordinate measuring machine. The Werth Tastauge optical edge sensor, which represented the first glass fibre sensor for measuring projectors, was introduced in 1977. This principle has established itself worldwide as an accepted means of performing measurements in transmitted light. In 1980 the first optical CNC coordinate measuring machine was introduced by Werth Messtechnik.

Werth MesstechnikA multi sensor coordinate measuring machine featuring integrated image processing and laser sensors, the INSPECTOR was introduced in 1987. With the launch of the VideoCheck line in 1992, the cornerstone was laid for continued successful growth of the company. Today Werth Messtechnik is by far Europe’s biggest supplier of optical and multi – sensor coordinate metrology products.

Sensor developments like the Werth Fibre Probe, the Werth Zoom and the world’s first integration of X-Ray Tomography in a multi sensor coordinate measuring machine in 2005, validate the claim that Werth Messtechnik is the worldwide technology leader in this market.

Nearly 250 employees in Germany supported by sales and service centres  in all major industrial countries guarantee that Werth Messtechnik will continue to provide its customers with state–of-the–art coordinate metrology products of top quality and excellent service for many years to come.

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